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Click here for product details 3d Yellow-olive Roo (1913, 1st Wmk INVERTED) MH. BW 12a. Cat $400

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A$:  200.00
Within Australia 
(includes GST $18.18 )
Export 181.82

Condition : MH
Item #: STK-22751
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Click here for product details 1d Red Roo Die II with watermark sideways. VF used example in the Deep Red shade - BW 3Dab. (Cat $500)

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A$:  275.00
Within Australia 
(includes GST $25.00 )
Export 250.00

Condition : VFU
Item #: STK-22998
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Click here for product details 2/- Maroon SM Wmk corner block of four. Superb and fresh with two units MUH. BW 39 (Cat $2100)

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A$:  750.00
Within Australia 
(includes GST $68.18 )
Export 681.82

Condition : **/*
Item #: STK-23040
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Click here for product details 1913 Grey & Pink 10/- Kangaroo (1st Wmk). Exception very fine used example with tidy cds. SG 14, BW 47 (Cat $1100)

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A$:  500.00
Within Australia 
(includes GST $45.45 )
Export 454.55

Condition : VFU
Item #: STK-23042
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Blue Owl Stamps Pty Ltd

Australian Colonies, Kangaroos, KGV Heads, Pre-Decimals, Booklets,
G.R.I. Papua, New Guinea, N.W.P.I. NZ in Stamps, Specialty Items and Usage on Cover