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The Change of Pattern
Over the past couple of years I have noticed a clear and distinct trend in the philatelic arena. Many clients have been trading in their mid-range material to become more specialised in their collecting. There is a very strong trend toward the less common and more interesting material. Our website has reflected this trend and will move more and more into the specialised material from the Australian States and Commonwealth and continue our growth in the Papua and New Guinea areas. This has been keenly sought and we have experienced particularly strong growth here.

The eBay Phenomonen
Another interesting aspect that has emerged is the eBay reality (love it or loath it). As we all know it can be a lottery when it comes to description, or lack of it and leaves a lot to luck. However opportunities do present from time-to-time and it keeps many collectors interested. But it really is no way to build a serious collection.

The thing is, it has attracted a new crowd who in many cases are looking for the lesser grade material at "bargain" prices. My views are well known on this, i.e. in most cases items realise their true value. I've already experienced many of our eBay customers moving up to the better material through our website.

What does this all mean to you?
I read it as good news all round, whatever your philatelic involvement be. Whilst you do hear rumblings of serious collectors are an ageing lot and there are no new ones coming through to buy the material, I see the exact opposite. Business has never been stronger, price action for better material is continuing up, new younger collectors (35+) who got their introduction through eBay are now actually stepping up and buying 4 and 5 figure sum items. This to me adds up to an industry in strong shape and the sales data supports this, with collectors prepared to put their money into quality material. The recent economic downturn had no impact on price action.

How does this impact Blue Owl's operation?
We've essentially divided our business into two operations:

1. Portfolio Collecting - This is material that is accumulated by collectors with an 'eye to the future' with their collecting strategy.  It is the type of high-end material seen on our website along with other specialty material that is held in stock but not listed. In fact only about half of our specialty material ever makes it to the website as it is placed with our specialty collector customer base prior. Over the coming weeks and months we will be clearing out the remaining unsuitable material from the website. Essentially  will only deal in specialty material and premium grade general material. Whilst most specialty collector clients keep a fun type collection or two, they are focused on compiling a meaningful and valuable collection(s) that make sense and will become highly desirable should the time ever come to sell or pass it on. I invite you to contact me should you like to discuss how to go about this type of program.

2. Budget Operation - Rather than keep the budget material on our website and to find new homes for the influx of traded material we are now seeing, we will list it in our eBay store Blue Owl's Bargain Stamps Outlet and through the eBay auction process. If Specialty collecting is not for you at this time, here you will find some pretty nice material priced up to 80% off retail prices. It is of collectable grade and you'll have lots of fun with it. You will of course receive the same high standard of service whatever your preferences.

Should you wish to discuss any aspect of your collecting, please feel free to Contact Me. I really enjoy assisting my clients to build meaningful and valuable portfolio collections.

Jude Koch 

Blue Owl Stamps Pty Ltd

Australian Colonies, Kangaroos, KGV Heads, Pre-Decimals, Booklets,
G.R.I. Papua, New Guinea, N.W.P.I. NZ in Stamps, Specialty Items and Usage on Cover