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Terms & Conditions of Sale 

Please take a moment to read

All goods are sold with a full money back guarantee. If you are not totally satisfied with your order, please advise first, then ship it to us by Registered Mail in the exact condition it were received in, within 30 days of receipt. Include an explanation of the problem, and we will fully refund your purchase price of those goods, or exchange the goods, as preferred. Contact us should you wish to discuss any issues before returning.

NOTE: No order is returnable, if, subsequent to receipt by purchaser, it has been immersed in water or other fluid, or marked by an Expert or an Expert Committee, or treated or damaged by any process whatever, unless our written permission has been previously obtained.

If you wish to have any item expertised by a proper, recognized, independent Expert Committee you are most welcome to do so, but only after we provide written notification that this is acceptable to us. You need to advise us of this request by registered mail postmarked within 48 hours of lot receipt, or via Fax, or via email. This policy MUST be enforced strictly for obvious reasons and this policy is in line with most other dealers and auction houses worldwide. The onus of proof lies with the purchaser, as do ALL associated costs of postage, expert or legal opinion of Certificates, etc. The inability of a recognized Expert Committee to express a definite and conclusive opinion is no grounds for a refund or return on any lot.

The Expert Certificates accepted by us are from well established independent Committees such as RPSL (London), RPSV (Victoria), BPA, APEX (USA), etc. Please discuss with us first should you wish to use any other Expertising Service outside of those mentioned.



All prices quoted are in Australian Dollars.

We show all prices two ways - inclusive of GST for our Australian buyers and exclusive of GST for our overseas buyers (Export sales exempt of GST). We also show an approximation of the export price in US dollars. Postage and handling charges for all buyers include the GST (including Overseas buyers). 

When paying by credit card we bill you in Australian dollars for only the amount agreed (plus postage and handling). The exchange rate and any bank fees for foreign orders will be that calculated by your credit card company and not us.


We are NOT responsible for:

Goods opened or damaged or removed or otherwise dealt with by customs or postal authorities in the country of receipt or in transit.

Any taxes or charges levied by governments or authorities, such as GST, VAT, fines, levies, penalties, demurrage etc.

Exchange rates or fees calculated by credit card companies. You will be charged by us the agreed amount in Australian Dollars, what your bank or credit card company charges you is totally out of our hands.

All orders placed with us shall be deemed as accepting and
agreeing to the Terms & Conditions stated herein

If you have ANY questions, please feel free to contact us for clarification. Thank you for taking the time to read through our Terms & Conditions.

Blue Owl Stamps Pty Ltd

Australian Colonies, Kangaroos, KGV Heads, Pre-Decimals, Booklets,
G.R.I. Papua, New Guinea, N.W.P.I. NZ in Stamps, Specialty Items and Usage on Cover